Gary Templet

Gary "Snake" Templet

Gary began playing music at about the age of 12 or 13 in the Gonzales Middle School Band. He played trumpet and later moved to the percussion section where he also learned to play drums. He and some friends from school formed a musical group named "The Soul Impressions" with Gary playing drums. During this time, he became very interested in playing the bass guitar and by his senior year in high school was playing bass guitar with a very popular local group called "The Blue Notes". He has since played bass guitar and/or drums with other groups such as "The New Blues", "The Alley Cats", "Na Na Sha" and Kenny Fife and "The Bac Trac Band". Gary was the original bass guitar player for "Na Na Sha" and played for twelve years before leaving to play bass guitar with "The Bac Trac Band". In 2014, after a 20+ year absence from "Na Na Sha" (except for being the bass guitar player for the St. Mark's Na Na Sha Ensemble), he and "Na Na Sha" are very happy that he is back as our bass guitar player. Gary also continues to be a member of the St. Mark's Na Na Sha Ensemble.

Among his most memorable moments/highlights, Gary says that being asked to join "The Blue Notes" was probably a major turning point of his career which enabled him to interact with life long friends (and cousins) while being involved in a hobby that he truly loves and considers it as an "awesome" experience.